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Injection Training & Shadow Opportunities

After working side-by-side for multiple years, we know first hand the value of and power in collaboration.   We love sharing our experiences and new things we’ve learned which is why we’ve decided to start offering 2:1 trainings.  Our mission is to encourage each other and those around us to go after their goals and reach their highest potential.  


We feel there is a strong need and desire for continued training beyond your certification course.   We want to help each injector get started in or advance their career with a solid skill set and comprehensive knowledge of facial anatomy, injection techniques and safety protocols.  


Together we have discovered what is successful in our industry, what is not and how to build a solid client base.  We look forward to sharing our combined knowledge and experience in the hopes of elevating other aesthetic injectors for the betterment of our community and industry!


   & Rochelle


$4000 per day (1 person) or $500/hour

+$1500 for each additional trainee (up to 4)



$4000 per day (up to 8 hours, 1 person)

+$1500 for each additional trainee (up to 4)


**travel fees may be applied if outside a 50 mile radius of Charlotte, NC

**trainees must provide product or can be purchased through Miramae at our cost



$1700/2 consecutive days


Shadow Mandy or Rochelle during a typical work day and get first hand knowledge of what it’s like to run a treatment room, see a multitude of different cases and discuss treatment plans for each client.

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